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Mass Schedule and Intentions

Saturday (July 21)
4:30 p.m.  - Frank Mendaglio by Franca Terzo & family
                 - Peter Paley by his wife Irene
                 - Angela Rose Capone by Gabriela Velenosi
                 - Josephine & Jobaumon by the family
                 - (Living) In thanksgiving for the rescue of the soccer team in Thailand by
                    a parishioner
                 - Felix Desa by Ailis & Allan DeSouza and family
Sunday (July 22) Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
10:00 a.m. - Antonina & Andrzej Panek by the Panek family
                 - Teofila Marszalek by the Panek family
                 - Trudy Cuber by her family

 Monday (July 23) Saint Bridget, Religious
9:00 a.m.   - (Living) for the Sick and Shut-ins of our parish
Tuesday (July 24) Saint Sharbel Makhluf, Priest
9:00 a.m.   - For our deceased parishioners
Wednesday (July 25) Saint James, Apostle
7:30 p.m.   - No Eucharistic Celebration
Thursday (July 26) Saints Joachim & Anne, Parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary
9:00 a.m.   - No Eucharistic Celebration
Friday (July 27) 
                  - No Eucharistic Celebration
Saturday (July 28)
4:30 p.m.   - Anne Louise Crawley by Martha, Mike & Betty
                  - Ronnie Chisholm by Lucien & Carol
                  - Basilia Dias by the Dias family
Sunday (July 29) Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
10:00 a.m. - Annunzio & Adele DeAngelis by Gaby
                  - Domenico Infusini & Elvira Brizzi by the Pelle family
                  - (Living) In Thanksgiving for blessings received by Lorraine


(Living) The Sanctuary Lamp is burning this week for Giuseppina Ripa &
Nicola Galatone by their families. 

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