April 8 2021

Thursday, April 8
Acts 3: 11-26

Of this
we are witnesses. (Acts 3:15)

   Peter and John were firsthand witnesses of Jesus’ resurrection. They had seen Him with their own eyes. But when Peter healed the crippled man “in the name of Jesus Christ the Nazorean,” everyone who was there that day became witnesses as well (Acts 3:6). They saw firsthand the power and glory of Jesus.

   “Witness” could actually be a good job description for Christians. The apostles were the first witnesses, and through their preaching and healing, other people became Christians. And so it has been from one generation to the next. Today that role has been passed on to you! God has called you to be a witness by the way you live. But He also calls you to share your faith openly – and not only of the historical event that happened a long time ago, but of the risen Jesus, alive and present today.

   How? You don’t have to get up in front of a crowd and preach as Peter did. But every day gives you opportunities to share creatively and tactfully how Jesus is living and working in your life.

   For example, you might share with a friend an incident from the past when you saw God answer a prayer. Or you could talk about what you think the Lord is saying to you today: You might even want to share some of your own struggles and doubts as a way of showing that these can exist alongside real faith.

   It’s not just creativity that is important; you also need tact. That starts with being sensitive to where another person is coming from. It means doing more listening than speaking and refraining from forcefully pushing your beliefs onto them. Even if someone seems closed off to the idea of faith at the moment, you could offer· to pray for any special need for themselves or their family.

   This is the Easter season, a time when we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. So be ready to witness to His power and glory in your own life. You never know just how important you can be in continuing that chain of witnesses that stretches across the centuries and well into the future.

“Jesus, give me a greater desire to witness to You!”
Psalm 8:2, 5-9
Luke 24:35-48

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