January 10

Sunday, January 10
The Baptism of the Lord

Mark 1 :7-11

You are my beloved Son; with You I am well pleased. (Mark 1:11)

Psychologists agree it’s important to hear words that affirm us. Not empty compliments, but heartfelt words of love and appreciation. Such words can help us know that the person speaking to us respects and honors us. Affirmations like these can improve our relationships and solidify our commitment to each other.

It’s interesting, then, that one of the few times we hear the Voice of God in the Scriptures – directly, not through a prophet or vision – comes in today’s Gospel. God the Father tells Jesus, “You are my beloved Son; with You I am well pleased” (Mark 1:11). God was pleased that Jesus was taking this first step in His ministry, and e said so. Right there, in front of John and His disciples, He revealed Jesus’ identity and His fatherly love for His Son.

You need affirmation like that too. Every day. And it’s available to you when you pray and worship God.

As you acknowledge who He is, you also acknowledge who you are in relation to Him. You open your ears to hear what He thinks about you. You begin to understand that you’re his beloved child. That He appreciates your efforts to put aside your concerns to follow Him.

The people in your life need it as well, and some of them need it from you. It’s not about saying something just to make them feel good. It’s being alert to opportunities; especially unexpected ones; to point out something that you appreciate about them: their efforts to lead a Bible study, their patient response to an unkind sibling, their generosity and kindness. Tell them you are glad they are your brother or sister in Christ. Every time you do, you shine a light on the bigger picture of their lives.

Let God tell you how He loves you, how He is pleased with you. Then go and do the same for your neighbor.

“Father, thank You for loving me!”
Isaiah 42: 1-4,6-7
Psalm 29: 1-4,9-10
Acts 10:34-38

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