January 11 2021

Monday, January 11
Mark 1: 14-20
Then they left their nets and followed Him. (Mark 1:18)

   It’s baffling. Jesus is walking along the seaside and invites a few men to follow Him – and they do. Why? Would you leave your job and family to follow a stranger? This short description of Jesus gathering disciples in today’s Gospel may be deceptively simple;it obviously leaves out some details.

   Perhaps Simon, Andrew, James, and John already knew Jesus, or at least knew about Him. They could have heard Him preaching, or maybe they had already spent some time talking with Him. Perhaps they were curious about this miracle worker who insisted that the kingdom of God was at hand. Maybe they were looking for a break from their grueling jobs. Following Jesus might have seemed adventurous,  a chance to see even more miracles. They could have thought this adventure would be short-term and not a journey that would change their lives forever.

   There’s one thing we can assume: these four fishermen had no idea what was in store for them. There would be many amazing revelations. But there would also be rejection, misunderstanding, and sacrifice. If they had known all this at the beginning, they might well have stayed in their fishing boats.

   Thank God they didn’t have the big picture yet! Can you imagine a Church without St. Peter? Or the message that God is love without the story of St. John? It’s a good thing that the cost of discipleship unfolded gradually for them and never overshadowed the excitement and joy they first experienced.

   Jesus is calling you too. Every day He reaches out to you through your prayer and Scripture reading and through your encounters with people. When you hear that call – especially if it’s challenging – remember these four apostles. Remember their faith-filled response.

   Remember too who it is you are following: your Saviour and Redeemer. His ways may be mysterious and His will may be hard to understand, but He wants nothing more than to bring you into His kingdom. So don’t be afraid to leave behind whatever nets may be ensnaring you. Follow Him, today and always.

”Jesus, help me to hear and answer Your call today.”
Hebrews 1:1-6
Psalm 97:1-2,6-7,9

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