January 12 2021

Tuesday, January 12
Mark 1:21-28
I know who You are! (Mark 1:24)

   Zoopharmacognosy, an emerging field of science, is a big word that conveys a simple concept. It’s the study of how some animals seem to know exactly what they need to be healed when they are ailing. It’s why cats will eat grass when they have an upset stomach or why pregnant African elephants seek out a particular forget-me-not tree to help induce labor. Some animals will travel long distances to find just the right leaves, seeds, roots, or minerals that their bodies need.

   Scientists debate why we humans don’t exhibit this ability as fully as some animal species, but we have something even better: the desire to seek out God.

   Throughout Jesus’ ministry; we see this desire playing out. People traveled far and wide to seek physical and spiritual healing from Christ. Some even broke political and social standards to come to Him. In today’s reading, we read about a demon-possessed person presenting Himself before Jesus for deliverance – even as the demon inside of him raged against the Lord.

   For animals, this is a matter of instinct, but for us, it’s a matter of relationship. The more we get to know Jesus and the love He has for us, the more convinced we are that He offers us exactly what we need – every day. Not only do we come to believe that He has the power to heal our hurts, but we also trust that He can give us the wisdom and grace we need to live a holy life.

   We become convinced that staying close to Him and following His commandments is the best way to avoid even getting sick in the first place – at least spiritually.

   So how can we get into the habit of seeking Jesus? By seeking Jesus! If you take time to turn to Him at different points in the day, you’ll eventually start to hear Him prompting you and guiding you. You’ll feel prompted to stop and pray, to avoid a particular path of sin, to follow a path you’ve never tried before. Listen. Every day, listen. Then follow the promptings you think Jesus is giving you. He’s not testing you or playing games with you. He wants you to find His healing and His love!

“Come, Holy Spirit! Teach me how to come to Jesus today and to listen to His voice.”
Hebrews 2:5-12
Psalm 8:2, 5-9

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