July 19, 2021

Monday, July 19
Matthew 12:38-42
Teacher, we wish to see a sign from You. (Matthew 12:38)

    Jesus had performed many miracles right in front of them, but still these scribes and Pharisees continued to demand a sign from Him to prove that He was the Messiah. They were so intent on seeking signs, in fact, that it escaped their notice that Jesus Himself was the sign, standing there right before their eyes.

   Have you ever found yourself asking God for a particular “sign”? It’s only human to wish for such things. Perhaps we long for confirmation of a pending decision, or we are looking for God to show us in a concrete way that He is answering our prayers. Sometimes a little bargaining can even creep into our requests. “Lord,” we might pray, “I need a sign from You that You are working in this situation. If You show up in this way, I will believe.”

    Jesus’ response to the Jewish leaders is revealing. Sometimes we are looking for external signs when, in fact, Jesus Himself is the only sign we really need. That “sign” is always right before us, blessing us, encouraging us, and guiding us.

    No doubt there are occasions when the Lord uses different signs in our lives. We only have to remember that Gideon asked for a sign involving a woolen fleece, and God gave it to him (Judges 6:36-40). But we also have to be open to other ways in which God might lead or guide us. We can’t let our own presumptions close us off to how God wants to speak to us. We also don’t want to be tempted to discouragement when a sign doesn’t appear in the form we expect or desire. Nor do we want to place any limits on how God wants to act in a specific situation .

    So go ahead and ask Jesus for a sign. But be open as well to other ways in which He might be speaking to you. Whatever sign you are seeking, remember that ultimately, Jesus Himself is the most powerful sign that God our Father has given us. He is the sign of God’s love and care for us – and there is no greater sign than that!

”Jesus, as I am looking for signs, help me not to miss Your presence in my life.”
Exodus 14:5-18
(Psalm) Exodus 15: 1-6

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