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August 9

Sunday, August 2
Romans 8:35,37-39
In all these things we conquer overwhelmingly. (Romans 8:37)

   Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, Genghis Khan; what do these men have in common? They were among the world’s greatest conquerors. They waged military campaigns that took them far and wide, forming mighty empires along the way.

   Would you include Jesus in that list? Or St. Paul? Or yourself, for that matter? We don’t think of Christ or Christians in general, as conquerors. Jesus died an ignoble death at the hands of the Romans. St. Paul was beheaded by the same empire. They looked more like the conquered than conquerors. Even today many Christians are martyred by those in power. And yet through His sacrifice on the Cross and His resurrection from the dead, Jesus conquered the greatest enemies of all: sin and death. And because of our baptism into Christ, that’s a victory we all share in – no matter what befalls us in this life.

   Paul’s words must have comforted the early Christians whenever they experienced persecution for their faith. Even when it looked like they were “losing,” they knew they were actually “winning.” They trusted that not even the worst calamity could separate them from Jesus (Romans 8:39)!

   These verses can bring you comfort as well. You may be experiencing the kind of anguish and distress that St. Paul described. Or maybe you are repeatedly “losing” to a certain temptation. Whatever the case, know that as you cling to the Lord, you will “win” in the end. One day Jesus will welcome you into His heavenly kingdom, and everything will be made right and beautiful.

  Until then, remember that God will never separate Himself from you; His love is too strong, too real and solid. And through that love, you too will triumph over sin, death, and all the trials of life. You too will be a conqueror.

”Jesus, may I never be separated from Your love!”
Isaiah 55: 1-3
Psalm 145:8-9, 15-18
Matthew 14: 13-21

Our Hymns for August:
Nobody – Casting Crowns
He Knows My Name – Tommy Walker
Alpha and Omega – Gaither Vocal Band
No Greater Love – Matt Maher

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