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January 22 2021

Friday, January 22
Mark 3:13-19

He appointed Twelve,that they might be with Him.
(Mark 3:14)

   On this day that the United States bishops have set aside to pray for the legal protection of unborn children, imagine having this conversation with God in prayer:

   “Lord, when I think about the scourge of abortion, I can get so frustrated. What would You have me do? I want to work and pray for the legal protection of unborn children, and I want to extend mercy and healing to those who have been hurt by abortion. But I also feel pulled by many other issues that seem to demand urgent action. Your children in this world are hurting in so many ways. I want to do something for those who need food, shelter, work, and basic human dignity. I want to be a faithful member of my family, my neighborhood, my church, my workplace, my nation. I want to proclaim the good news to all.”

   Now imagine Jesus’ response:  “My child, thank you for the love in your heart! I have indeed called you, and there are many things you can do in my strength. But see how I called the first twelve apostles. I knew that I would be sending them out to preach and heal the sick and drive out demons. However, that didn’t happen all at once. First, I called them to come to Me, to spend time with Me. For three years they shared life with Me every day. We sat down together for meals. We prayed to My Father together. We marveled together at the natural world. We laughed when things struck us as funny. They brought their concerns, perplexities, and ambitions to Me and tried to make sense of My responses. I revealed My priorities and My heart to them. All this gave them the wisdom and strength to do My will in this world.

   “It is the same for you. Come to Me first. Spend time with Me every day. Bring Me your questions and concerns. Then let Me send you. Being sent sometimes takes its form in intercession, like praying for the unborn. Other times, it is more active, like dropping off diapers at a pregnancy center. Either way, you will be My missionary. As you spend time listening for My voice, you’ll hear Me calling you. The time you spend with Me will give you the inspiration, the grace, and the strength for all I call you to do.”

“Jesus, help me follow Your call.
Hebrews 8:6-13

Psalm 85:8, 10-14

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