Parish Dues

Our annual Parish Dues campaign has begun. If you did not receive a form in the mail, you can download one below.

Limited Capacity

We are limited to 25 people seated in the church, plus an additional 25 people seated in the hall with a live video.

YouTube Updates

Watch the Photo Tribute from our Celebration of Hope here.

Our Advent Reconcillation reflection is on our YouTube channel here

Livestream Mass

Our 8:00 a.m. Sunday Mass is broadcast live each week.

For the November 29th Mass, click Sunday Mass.

Mass Times

Weekdays: 8:30 am
Saturday: 4:30 pm
Sunday: 8:00 am | 11:00 am

Pray the Rosary

“If you desire peace in your hearts, in your homes, and in your country, assemble each evening to recite the Rosary. Let not even one day pass without saying it, no matter how burdened you may be with many cares and labors.” Pope Pius XI


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