Message from Fr. Gerry | April 16, 2020

After one month of solitude, I wanted to write first of all to see how you are doing and secondly to thank you for your generosity towards your Parish.

Unfortunately, we must continue and this weekend our Mass will be live-streamed at 10 a.m. from the funeral parlor.  Just to remind you that our Church is decorated and we (Fr. George and myself) are present in the unlocked church from 8AM to 10AM every day except Sunday. 

This Friday you will be receiving a poster and on Sunday a video will come out promoting a new fundraising campaign for our parish.  We ask that you promote this campaign by simply sharing both the poster and the video to as many of your friends as you want and can.  This will help us to reach a maximum of people and help our community to survive these difficult times.

In advance I thank you for your prayers and friendship and assure you you can always count on ours.
Fr. Gerry

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